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Anesi Dermapen Treatment

The Dermapen treatment treats all aspects of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, overall skin rejuvenation, can assist with pigmentation and acne scarring.

The Dermapen Treatment is performed by a trained therapist. The Dermapen is a handheld unit and a new sterile cartridge consisting of 12 needles are used for each treatment and disposed of thereafter.
The Dermapen is glided over the skin with the 12 needles creating micro-channels into the skin.
This is perceived by the body as damage which releases growth factors that in turn promote collagen and elastin production.
With the micro-channels in the skin, any product applied will have much better product penetration. The Dermapen is safe to use on all areas of the face. The needle depth is adjusted according to the area the therapist is treating.

The Dermapen works from 0.25mm up to 2.5mm

Results of using the Anesi Dermapen

The Dermapen

Questions about the Anesi Dermapen


What will the skin look like after the treatment?

The skin will appear red, slightly swollen which will subside within 24-48 hours.

In 3 days the skin will feel rough and flakiness will occur.

How quickly are the results visible?

Skin rejuvenation will be visible in 2-4 weeks after the first treatment.

What will the treatment feel like?

A numbing cream is applied therefore no discomfort during the treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

The amount of treatments needed depend on a client’s skin condition and desired result.

A qualified therapist will consult and advise accordingly.