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Beauty treatments

Does it really work or is it just a money making trick? Beauty treatments are most definitely effective and of extremely high standards these days, due to the incredible technology that we have available today. Vast amounts of research are done in terms of products and machines that are available in the beauty world today. There are a lot of medical treatments being made available to the trained somatologist (beautician) and the standard of options available to the client has definitely improved in the last ten years.

Because your skin was not made to absorb ingredients in products/water, but rather to protect the body and keep external products out, the challenge that most product houses have to overcome, is the absorption and penetration of the products. This is why you will find that many of the more expensive products seems to have similar ingredients in higher concentrations, than the cheaper ones.

So, why the higher prices? The simple explanation to this is that the technology inside the more expensive products is of a higher standard to ensure better absorption. It could also be that a higher quantity of the active ingredients is present in these products and then a higher quality of the active ingredients has most probably been used.

It is very much like driving an expensive car….. The cheaper one will also get you there, but with a lot less style, comfort and safety. In my opinion, one should not skimp on your facial regime, as you only have ONE face, and it is very hard to hide once damaged, or not been taken proper care of.

Which products are the best? Products that you can afford….. is always my advice to clients? Buy the best you can afford and make sure that you have the entire range in that specific brand or product house. Products are formulated to enhance each other inside a specific range. For instance, the cleanser will enhance the moisturizer and the serum. If you use too many different brands, it is hard to eliminate or find the source if/when you have an allergic reaction.

You should also not change products too quickly and frequently. Give them time to work. It can take a couple of months for your skin to adjust to new product properly. I also recommend clients to use the product house that their therapist stocks inside the salon or spa, as it is much easier for a therapist to recommend and take care of your skin when she/he knows the brand of products.

If another brand is used, helping you when your skin breaks out, or trying to enhance your appearance and fight the aging process, or working at pigmentation problems, is almost impossible to advise when clients are on various brands of products. Aftercare is the most important part and plays a big role in the success of facial your treatments.

Making more with less product: Toners are a great way to help your more expensive products like the serum and moisturizers last longer, as they prepare the skin to increase absorption as well as moisturize the skin, so that is does not need so much cream. More advanced cleansers nourish the skin while cleansing, which results in your skin needing less cream. Toners and cleansers in more advanced products also have a large amount of anti aging ingredients added to them which will improve your desired results.

Some product houses are very gracious towards the busy mom such as myself and have combined their products into one, so that you save time in application, but still get the best results. For example, a cleanser combined with a toner, one cream for day and night use, serum that treat both anti aging, oil control/dryness and pigmentation at the same time.

Breakouts and problem skin: Teenage and adult acne is a big reality and causes many clients to refer to medical advise and it is rightfully so. There is however times where many clients cannot differentiate between a breakout and full blown acne, and in my opinion a lot of people take severe measures and medication, that could been prevented by a very simple skin treatments and a good product regime.

We need to take into consideration that medical treatments and medication has side effects that could be damaging to you body and skin, and that these treatments should only be considered in the correct diagnosis. Many acne products on the market have severe side effects such as damage to your liver and depression. In the wrong bodies these side effects could be lethal.

Finding clinics that combine beauty and medical treatments or therapists and doctors who work in conjunction, seem to be the optimal solution. For more information, contact us on