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Non Surgical Face Lifts

A facelift without surgery probably sounds too good to be true… This, however, is not a new treatment. In fact, it has been available for many years and is actually incredibly effective.

The late princess Diana was the patron of this treatment and use to have these treatments on a regular basis. She used the very popular CACI machine that originates from England.

Other stars that use this treatment includes Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. This treatment is excellent for male clients as well and the ever so handsome Cliff Richard was also a regular MC lift client. These non- surgical facelift treatments uses a micro current to re-educate the Golgi organ to lift the muscles in the skin. This organ is the brain of the cell and by stimulating the Golgi organ, the cellular activity is enhanced and this results in a lifted, firmer skin structure. This however can only be effectively achieved through very regular treatments and clients who start these treatments need to go as often as 3 times per week for at least ten to fifteen sessions.

"It is similar to taking your face to the gym." It works on exactly the same principle, so the more you go, the better the results will be. This also has to be maintained, just as you would, training in the gym. In order to sustain the results, the clients have to come for maintenance treatments every 3 to 4 weeks. More regular appointments will off course result in a much better lift, but it is entirely up to the client's time and budget to determine the outcome.

These treatments are high on my priority list, as they are completely safe and very effective. Muscle firming and skin elasticity on the face and neck area is radically improved and no dangerous surgery or anaesthetic is required. Skin renewal and scar repair is also greatly enhanced through these treatments and the success rate and results are of a very high standard. At our aesthetic centre in Melville, Johannesburg, we treat many clients who suffer from certain muscle illnesses, as well as clients who have had mild strokes.

Contra indications to this treatment however, is pregnancy, pacemakers, metal implants and epilepsy, as this is an electrical current going through the body, and anyone who has any of the above will not be suitable for this treatment.

Combining this treatment with the ever so popular micro- dermabrasion treatment will give even better results and will improve fine lines drastically.

This treatment should however not be confused with a normal facial, as it only works on the muscles and anti aging of the skin, whereas a general facial concentrates on the cleansing and hydrating of the skin. Regular facials should still be done to ensure that blackheads and whiteheads are removed and the skin is properly hydrated with steam and a good mask. Below are some results that has been achieved by the Micro current non-surgical face lift treatment. These results, however, has been achieved by more than ten sessions per client and was done 4 times per week.

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