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Skin Type


A lot of times people are unsure or wrong informed of their skin type. It is important to know your skin type, for instance Dry/ oily or normal, as this will impact your choice of products. Clients often purchase products based on the wrong diagnosis, and this will not have optimal benefits for your skin.

Having a dry skin, means that the skin is flaky and dry. The surface of the skin will be rough and sometimes even sensitive. Red veins might also be visible on the cheek area. There is a difference, however between dry and dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skins are skins that are lacking water. Many products do not possess over the ability to absorb into the skin completely, therefore, not providing optimal hydration in the deeper layers of the skin. More expensive products or cosmeceutical products however, are made in laboratories and consist of medical and cosmetic properties that are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, providing the face with optimal hydration and anti aging properties.

Oily skin is also sometimes misdiagnosed as many people are under the impression that their skins are oily, if in fact, it is actually dehydrated. Dehydrated skins overproduce oil in certain areas as it is trying to over compensate for the lack of water. By simply drinking more water and applying a hydrating product, it will normalize the skin and reduce the oil production almost immediately. Oily skins are skins that are oily all over and often have dilated pores as well as in some cases even black heads and other pimples on the facial area. This has to be treated by the correct oil control skincare without drying the skin. Drying the skin out will again cause the skin to keep producing oil as it can’t produce moisture. In some cases it is advisable to seek medical attention from a dermatologist, as the over production of oil is caused from inside your body and cannot be regulated with products alone.

Sensitive skins are easy to diagnose as they are usually slightly red in color, and the client will tell you instantly that the skin is easily affected and aggravated by any touch or products. Flacking of the skin could also be visible but severe red patches or dryness (eczema), is a medical condition that could be stress or diet related, and clients with this condition should seek medical attention.

In case of having a sensitive skin, it is almost essential to ensure that you use a professional skin range. For sensitive skin it is very important not to mix different skin ranges in your facial regime. Products for sensitive skins are formulated to work together and will probably only be used until the sensitivity has been cleared up. As soon as the skin has normalized, you would be able to return to a normal skin product gradually. If the condition does not improve, it is again advisable to seek medical/professional help.

Always remember to treat your body as a whole, providing a well balanced diet with excellent skin care, exercise and relaxation techniques. Life these days are stressful and no amount of products of pills can fix the consequence of the physical and emotional strain that we daily place on ourselves. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.

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